Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ditched an LT Tempo Run

I've had to deviate from the Pfitz schedule recently, but I wanted to get back on it this week. The schedule had 12 with 6 miles at LT for Friday. As soon as I started Friday's run I started making excuses for not doing the LT. It was afternoon and although not hot by any means, it was warm and more humid (79 with the dewpoint in the mid 60s). I felt tired and my legs felt pretty trashed. My new Rotterdams already have over 600 miles and I think they're nearing end-of-life. I gave in and didn't try to run LT, but I was able to pick up the pace throughout the run. I managed to finish just under 7mpm for 13 miles. I think I fooled myself early and really should have stuck with the LT run.

I split Wednesday's 15 miler into two runs (just can't seem to fit 15 miles in before 0530 on a work day). On the evening portion, I picked up the pace the last four miles and ran 6:37, 6:29, 6:28, and 6:27. I was pretty happy with those 4 on a warm evening, but I probably shouldn't have done them considering I ended up skipping Friday's 6 LT miles. I think I need to get some faster running done. But there is still plenty of time before the marathon and I have done some pretty intense running racing the USA 10-miler and the half marathon.

Here's the finish line video from the Strider's Houston Half Marathon:

I'm visible from about 10 to 20 seconds.

Ryan Hall's 2:09 in Central Park was incredible.....I'm truly inspired. He has such a smooth, low, arm carry. He was just cruising; what a contrast with Sell who looked determined and fighting. The web broadcast really neglected 2nd place Dathan Ritzenhein. He also had a super race with a 3+ minute PR. Wow!

I just heard about Ryan Shay.
What a shock and a tragedy.

Here's a good article from the NY Times:
Small Town Mourns a Running Marvel

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