Monday, November 5, 2007

Week 8 of 18: A Complete Loss of Discipline

85¼ miles for the week

M – 6¾ miles recovery run, average pace 8:36 mpm, 58°F at 4AM [S-B/Dow/B-S]
M PM - missed
Tu – 13 miles, average pace 7:10 mpm, Vacation Day, 76°F at 1:30PM but very nice dry air [SeaC/NTrail-3x2M/SeaC] Tuesday had AM and PM recovery runs scheduled
W AM - 7¾ miles general aerobic, average pace 7:25 mpm, 62°F at 4AM [S-B/Dow/2xB-S]
W PM – 8 miles with the last 4 miles at GMP, average pace 6:47 mpm, 71°F at 7PM and a little more humid [B’Wood track]
Th – 5¼ miles recovery run, average pace 8:39 mpm, 64°F at 4AM, [Dow/Ol]
Th PM - missed
F - 13 miles medium long run, average pace 7:00 mpm, 79°F starting at 2PM, sunny [SeaC/NTrail-3x2M/SeaC] 12 miles with 6 at LT was on the schedule, but I didn’t feel up to running the LT, even though I ended up with 13 at a pretty decent pace.
Sa – 9½ miles recovery run, average pace 8:38 mpm, 79°F at Noon, extended this run to make up for missed doubles [SeaC/Ntrail-2MMBTrail/SeaC]
Su – 22 miles, average pace of 7:34 mpm, Houston Hobby Airport had 66°F to 77°F from 7:30AM to after 10AM [Houston Memorial Park Loop] I started out too fast and didn’t drink anything the first 12 miles, leading to dehydration and a stupendous crash and burn.

I deviated too much from the schedule this week and paid for it. While recovering from last Sunday's half marathon, I blew off recovery runs scheduled for Tuesday and instead ran a fairly hard-paced medium long run. Then on Wednesday afternoon I ran 4 miles at GMP (completely outside the schedule). On Monday and Thursday I missed evening recovery runs and made up for the lost miles by running longer on Saturday. On Friday I blew off an important LT run, but then proceeded to run a 13 mile progression run fairly hard. On Sunday, I completed ignored unseasonably warm temeratures and ran the first 12 miles of a 22-miler way too hard and without drinking anything. Oy-vey

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Mir said...

Ouch! At least it is still relatively early in the training cycle.