Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Another Battle with the Heat

I came out decently with this morning's battle against the warmth and humidity. It was 76°F at 4AM, a little cooler than yesterday. I ran the Tuesday tempo run with a mile warmup, two miles hard on the “Dow-Minus”, a ¾ mile breather to the Dow turnaround and then two more hard miles on the “Dow-Minus” return. The measured “Dow-Minus” two-miles were both 12:57.7 (going out was 12:57.68 and coming back was 12:57.67!). Total was a 25:55, making May 2007 a great year for the “Dow-Minus” tempo runs. Not bad for a couple of warm mornings.

The weather forecast now predicts drier air from the Atlantic Coast to arrive today and stick around through the weekend, giving us morning lows in the 60s. I'd really like to get run some more in that nice cool weather before October. I might run the 10K Saturday after all. The 10K course follows much of my "SeaC/NTrail" course or in English: Sea Center Texas and Bottomlands Park Trail.


Mir said...

I couldn't imagine that Texas heat in the summer. My younger brother is a grad student in EE at UT in Austin. One major reason he chose that school (other than the good rep and all that) was because of the climate--he thrives in the heat and hates the cold. I guess I'm the opposite--I'll run in shorts when it's 30 degrees. :) Stay cool!

GB said...

As much as I want to run, I do NOT envy you in that heat! I know you're careful because you're experienced, but I'll throw in a "be careful out there" anyway.