Monday, May 21, 2007

Last Week's Ankle Problems

11½ miles for the week

M – 0 miles, 73°F at 4AM
Tu – 1 mile, average pace 8:52 mpm, I’d planned on a normal Tuesday tempo run, but I had a pretty sharp pain in my right ankle at the foot and cut the run off after the first mile, 75°F at 4AM [S-B]
W – 0 miles, 75°F at 4AM I spent all morning at the dentist’s office (uggh).
Th – 0 miles, 71°F at 4AM
F - 3 miles, average pace 8:42, running to drop off my car at the shop in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon, 73°F at 8AM, 82°F at 4PM, a very nice sunny day with drier air
Sa – 0 miles, another very nice sunny day with dry air 72°F at 8AM
Su – 7½, average pace 8:46 mpm, another nice day, 81°F at 1PM [SeaC/NTrail-MBT/SeaC]

Extensor Tendonitis (thanks GB) or an ankle sprain seem to match the symptoms of the pain where my foot and ankle join (although I'm able to lift my my toes up without any problem). I’ve only had the pain during relatively fast running. I felt the pain again on Friday’s runs after about the first mile, but I completed Sunday’s easy run without any problems from my ankle. I then mowed the yard, again with no problems. But when I started some digging with a shovel, the pain returned. I also did a lot of digging last weekend. That would explain the pain in my right ankle pretty well, and it conveniently doesn’t include any training errors (wink). We’ll see. Today I don’t feel any pain walking, but my ankle does feel sore with direct pressure. I’m sticking with the shoveling theory.


Mir said...

Eeek! Is this a serious problem? I hope not. Hopefully it will heal soon and you can be back on the road.

GB said...

Gosh Nuke, you're good! I need to take a clue from you and really cut back when I feel pain or soreness like that. I've been running on my sore Lisfranc Joint and even though it's not painful, I don't think it's fully healed. But I'm a moron in denial and I just need to take it easy for a week or two longer.

I bet your cutbacks will do you good! And stick with the shoveling theory. ;) Let us know how your ankle heals.