Thursday, May 24, 2007

Testing the Ankle

I slept in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, resting the ankle/foot. Wednesday evening was the first test. I ran a little over 5 miles on the track and the ankle didn't give me any problems at all. Mile splits were 7:43, 7:28, 7:15, 6:45, and 6:27 for an overall average 7:10 pace. It was a pretty warm and humid evening, so I was really happy with this workout (80°F with a dewpoint that fogged my glasses every time I left an air-conditioned building).

This morning wasn't as positive. I just ran an easy 4-mile recovery, but the right ankle just didn't feel the same as the left side. I finished Wednesday evening's run thinking I could jump right back into my training, but after this morning I know I'm going to have to slowly ramp up the training.

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GB said...

Why are we runners so stubborn? I'm the SAME way. Just when I think I'm all better and ready to jump right in to things, I'm quickly reminded that I still need to ease up on the Lisfranc Joint a little bit. While it doesn't hurt when I run, it hurts plenty afterward. I don't know what's up, but I'm seeing a foot doc the first week of June.

Anyway, you're in such awesome shape! A few days of easy running, or no running, won't hurt you. It might hurt our psyches, but not our bods.