Sunday, May 2, 2010

LP Run

I was sent home Wednesday afternoon to get some sleep before having to get back to the power plant sometime early Thursday morning after the plant was heated up to full temperature and pressure. So that gave me the perfect opportunity to drive to Houston and race the LP Run! With it's Wednesday evening start time and working way out in Matagorda County, I've only been able to make the LP Run twice before. It's a timed race, 33⅓ minutes (hence the LP) on the track. I managed to end up with 5.419 miles. Not great, but it's consistent with my times from the Bellaire 5K and the Law Week 8K. Heatup at the power plant was delayed a little and I didn't have to go into work until 0530. And this week I go back to working a 4x10 schedule, so I'll be able to run longer on Fridays.

We got our first taste of high humidity Friday and Saturday. I was pleased to be able to run 10+ late Saturday morning under 7:20 pace. We had a nice cool front come through Sunday morning and I was able to get in a very pleasent 15-miler. I couldn't help but stop and eat a few blackberries:

How about Chris Solinsky?
**Chris Solinksy American Record FInish Video** | 2010 Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational on Flotrack

Sub-27! And he's 6'1" and carrying 165 pounds (of course that's still not that close to this big nuke). Let's hear it for a BIG Guy!

The entire race.

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