Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boston Twice as Fast

Boston proved to be another excellent marathon. And I missed it again. We are refueling Unit 2 at the power plant, so no vacation is allowed. Unit 1 has a refueling outage next April. I might be able to get vacation in April 2012.
Enough of my whining. Boston was very special again this year with Robert "the younger" blowing away the course record, Meb valiantly fighting with the best despite an injury plagued training period, and a Houston Marathon winner taking the woman's race.

You're not seeing double. These twins finished in 2:28:35. Their splits were identical except at the 15K and the half marathon point, where they were one second apart. Here's their story in their own words first one and then the other.

Pictures from Jim Rhoades.
First photo at Mile 20 by Ted Tyler from Coolrunning
Second photo at 30K by Frank Georges from Coolrunning

I ran the Brazosport College Gator Gallop Saturday. I can't say the race was very well run, either by the organizers or myself.

I did get to take some pictures of a three-toed box turtle:

Fountain at the College:

The running trail:

South Texas view from the trail:

The Jim Rhoades pictures give me a chance to run Boston vicariously rom the warm and humid Gulf Coast. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ryan Hall didn't live up to expectations, but he did beat Bob Kempainen's record for the fastest American time on the Boston course. It seems as though he's airborne in each picture.

Houston's Heidy Lozano had a seeded number and took 2nd place in the 45-49 division with a 2:59:01 after a 1:25:43 first half

Mile 20 photos by Ted Tyler from Coolrunning
30K photos by Frank Georges from Coolrunning


Patti L. said...
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Sam said...

Cool pictures, and sorry that you missed Boston again this year. I like this post.

KG said...

Your Boston coverage is better than mine and I was at the race! I tried taking video on my phone and it was a disaster. I'm sticking w/ the camera next time. Let me know if you're able to do Boston 2012. I'm planning on Houston 2012. Let's stay healthy.

Nuke Runner said...

Thanks Sam and KG. Boston 2012 is on the schedule. I hope to put in a strong base this Summer and get back in the low 2:50s at Houston 2011. Need to get a qual time that will put me back up in the 1XXX corral.