Monday, April 12, 2010

Bellaire Trolley Run 5K

Well, I just barely made my goal: 18:24.9

I ran a fairly relaxed first mile, pacing off Rich F:
Rich started drifting away from me on the 2nd mile and I ran much of this mile with the lead woman.
6:00 for 11:49
The lead woman stayed about my pace and we stayed together through the 3rd mile. KeithW passed me, but I didn't try to stick with him.
6:04 for 17:52
Hearing the 17 split for the 3rd mile picked me up some and I was able to make a decent push for the finish.
0:32.5 for 18:24.9

It certainly wasn't my best 5K, but I'm happy with it. Next up is the Gator Gallop 5K at Brazosport College. This race is nearly the opposite of the Trolley Run. The trolley run is extremely competitive, but the Gator Gallop is a very low key local race with enormous trophies for nearly everyone that enters.

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