Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bayou Bash Relay

It was a last minute team, but we won the 50-59 division of the 4x1.92M Bayou Bash Relay. I think I ran pretty hard. My throat was burning after my leg. I checked the ozone and it wasn't too bad: 42 ppb, just high in the good range.

Team Pictures by Hardeep Thind.

Sim out on the beer-bike track running the first leg

KeithW running the stadium concourse

and the finish

Running down this ramp to the football field was tough on my old legs

The race was at Rice Stadium, so I had to take a quick tour of the campus. I can't believe it's been over 29 years since I left Rice.

My desk was in the top-center window box in 1980-81

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Bert said...

Good run! The Bayou Bash Relay is one of the most competitive races in the city as you no doubt know. Nice pics of the Rice campus too!