Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is It Fall Yet?

Days Since Last Run Below 80°F: 12 counting my trip to Washington DC. It's been 24 days since it was 78°F down here on Sunday morning, July 19th.
Days Since Last Run Below 70°F: 83 (May 21, a pretty nice Spring this year)

45¼ miles for the week of August 2nd through 9th

I'm just so tired of sweating. It was nice to run in the lower 70s°F while I was in Washington DC. But those were still sweat soaked runs. My shoes were completely soaked after just three miles Sunday. This has been a bad Summer. Here's a graph of the daily high and low temperatures for Clute this year.

South Texas Summer Snow

View of the prison farm while driving home from work

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Wonderduck said...

This summer has been stupid hot! I knew I could check out your page for some weather stats. Keep it up...