Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back from DC

Wouldn't you know the week I spend in DC is their week of Summer. Each run ended up soaked in sweat, but it was still much better than down here and I was able to notch my pace up somewhat. The best dewpoint I saw was a decent 65°F on Thursday morning and the worst was 72°F on Friday morning. Much better than the upper 70s, but still humid. The best temperature I saw was 73°F on Tuesday and Thursday morning and the worst was 85°F late Monday afternoon. Not too bad!
DC is an interesting city with all of it's diagonal (state) streets, circles, and monuments. From my hotel, I had a short warmup/cooldown to the Rock Creek Trail and the C&O Canal Trail. Of course, I did my share of tourist runs, looping the White House and the monuments on The Mall. The C&O Canal Trail is a nice unending stretch of crushed rock along the old canal, great for serious runs. Stepping up and down the curbs and the faster running took a toll on my left knee. I just felt a few niggles; hopefully, it's nothing serious.

Here's a picture of me from a tourist run Friday morning (at this nuke's favorite monument):

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