Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New 8K PR!

OK, it was slower than the 5-mile race last year and 8K was probably my oldest and weakest PR. But at my age, a PR is a rare occasion. The weather was beautiful: cool, dry, and sunny but very windy. Hobby Airport had 43°F with a desert-like 19°F dewpoint and a NW18 wind with gusts to 30. The 8K course is a down-and-back on Allen Parkway from downtown. The trip out Allen Parkway was mostly into the wind, so I started out faster than planned to hang onto a big group fighting the wind. At the turnaround the group broke up and I drifted back a little. Splits were:
5:54, 6:13, 6:12, 6:08, and 5:51 (6:01 mile pace) for a 30:16

A few views of downtown Houston:

Yes, it was that windy. I hope noone was inside.

Blue Gatorade, pumpkin pie filling, and cocoa puffs were used to create the falling port-a-can scene in the movie North Country.

There was a full 180° rainbow when I left the nuke plant Thursday evening.


Bert said...

A PR is a PR is a PR - congrats! Holding a 6:00 minute pace for 5 miles is no mean feat - for anybody! I like this run but skipped it this year, will hopefully be back in 2010. Thanks for stopping by my blog & glad you liked the pic.

Nuke Runner said...

Thanks...I'm ready to jump on anything even resembling a PR. Good luck at Boston!