Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last Weekend's Runs

It was another weekend up at the old house in Glen Rose, southwest of Fort Worth. I did get to run some of my old routes.

My house is just a couple of blocks from the courthouse square.

The bandstand is mostly petrified wood and even has a dinosaur track.

Down from the square is the Paluxy River and the "Big Rocks"

Farther down the river

This is an ideal running road. I just wish it was longer.

From the top of the hill you can see both Comanche Peaks; the nuke power plant to the left and the land form to the right (actually much more of a plateau than a peak)

Sunday's run included a run down old US Highway 67 to the Brazos River and then up to the Somervell County Amphitheater (a BIG hill) and back for 13 miles. The weather Sunday was unbeatable...a mild north wind, bright sunshine, temperature near 70 and dewpoint in the 20s!

I love this abandoned petrified wood building on old-67. It looks like an old gas station (?)

This is the same Brazos River I run along most weekends. It's just a few hundred miles upriver and 600 feet higher here.

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