Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Week 16

71¼ miles for the week (December 29th to January 4th)
Just two more weeks until the Houston Marathon

M AM – 5¾ miles recovery run, average pace 8:46 mpm, 47°F at 4AM
M PM - 4¾ miles recovery run, average pace 8:08 mpm, 51°F at 10PM
Tu – 6¾ miles, average pace 7:02 mpm, 46°F at 4AM
W AM - 5¾ miles, average pace 6:56 mpm, 64°F and raining at 4AM
W PM – 9 miles, average pace 6:50 mpm, 61°F at 5PM
Th - 18 miles, average pace 7:51 mpm, 67°F at 4PM
F - 7 miles recovery run, average pace 8:21 mpm, 76°F from 1PM humid and windy
Sa – 7¾ miles, average pace 6:55 mpm with 4 miles hard on the track in 6:07, 6:19, 6:31, and 6:18, 73°F to 79°F from 10AM in Glen Rose
Su – 6½ miles, average pace 7:25 mpm, a nice and cool 43°F to 39°F starting at 4:30PM, with some hilly trails along the Paluxy River in Glen Rose

Another weekend working on the house up in Glen Rose, so the Saturday and Sunday runs were short. It was nice to run some of my old routes. The hills on the river really kicked my butt. I started feeling ill over the weekend and by Sunday night I had a pretty bad cold. I took Monday and Tuesday off because I felt so bad.

I can't believe the marathon is less than two weeks away. Normally I'd be obsessing about the weather now, checking all the updates to the long range forecasts. But I've only looked a couple times. With all of the training interruptions I'm just not that excited. I desperately need to get a new pair of shoes. I'm still running on my second pair of Saucony Tangents with over 850 miles on them.

Sunday's Glen Rose Loop

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On the Glen Rose Track for a Saturday Tempo Run

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Here are some cell-phone pictures from Sunday's run in Glen Rose
The Paluxy River

Up the trail on the other side of the river

View from the top of the cliff

Trail along the top

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