Sunday, October 26, 2008

Houston Half Marathon

The weather for today's Houston Half Marathon was much better than for the 10-Miler a couple of weeks ago. The result was two very different races. My time was decent, but I still have beaucoup work to do before the marathon. I was pleased congestion didn't get too bad on the triple-loop course. After running twelve Allen Parkway underpasses, everyone who ran this race should be ready for the last few miles of the Houston Marathon.

For a while on Friday, I was supposed to work at the power plant Sunday (and miss the race), but the schedule has slipped again and now I'm not sure whether I'll even work tomorrow morning or have to go in Monday night.

Here are the race results.
The splits seem well balanced. I'm not sure why the pace for the "halfs" are both faster than the overall pace for the entire race?

Here are my splits:
1 - 6:16, 146 bpm
2 - 6:18, 12:34, 156 bpm
3 - 6:24, 18:58, 158 bpm
4 - 6:24, 25:22, 157 bpm
5 - 6:23, 31:45, 157 bpm
6 - 6:18, 38:02, 158 bpm
7 - 6:26, 44:29, 159 bpm
8 - 6:16, 50:44, 160 bpm
9 - 6:29, 57:14, 160 bpm
10 - 6:20, 1:03:34, 159 bpm
11 - 6:34, 1:10:07, 160 bpm
12 - 6:21, 1:16:28, 162 bpm
13 - 6:13, 1:22:42, 166 bpm
13.11 - 0:34, 1:23:16.8, 171 bpm

Here's the heart rate chart:

Here are a couple of pictures taken by Mark Coleman. I ended up running much of the race with DianaH (she had one of the best "Go Mommy" cheering squads I've ever heard).

This one's pretty embarrassing. I really need to find band-aids that stay on when wet.

Here are the official pictures. The race started before sunrise, but with three loops back ddirectly east into the sun I knew I needed sunglasses. Wearing my sunglasses in the dark at the race start reminded me of this old 80's video.

Tuesday Night Update
We finally finished our end of outage work. Here's NSSS Engineering leaving the Reactor Containment Building (I'm in the middle).

I caught a few "zoomies" so I should be extra fast for the 25K race ;-)

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