Sunday, February 10, 2008

Surfside Beach Marathon

Here are a few pictures from the water station just before the 25th mile of Saturday's Surfside marathon.

The fog rolled in just after I arrived at 11AM. The fog made working the water station more difficult because we couldn't see the runners until they were within thirty to fifty yards.

Sea fog is pretty rare here. It only occurs when it's very warm inland and the seawater is still relatively cold. On the Gulf we usually only see sea fog like this in February and March.

Felix was out carrying the flag.

Here's the story from the Broazosport Facts.

After the last runners, I ran an easy 6 miles up the beach picking up Gu containers and stray cups.

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Barrett said...

Do you have a full resolution picture of the boy handing the water to the flag runner? That's my son, and I would love to get a shot of that blown up for my office wall. If so, please contact me at 979-864-0112.

Barrett Hall

Nuke Runner said...

I have a 2304x1728 version that's 450KB. I tried calling but I couldn't get through (the power plant is sometimes strange for off-site calls). If you send me an email at nuke (dot) runner at gmail (dot) com, I'll send you the original picture.