Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Right Ankle Again

Days since last run less than 70°F: 115 (April 27th)

45¼ miles for the week

M – 4¾ miles,, average pace 8:25 mpm, 82°F at 4AM [Dow]
Tu – 4¾ miles, average pace 7:00 mpm (Not enough time for a warm-up mile, so the measured “Dow-Minus” two-miles were 14:16 going out and coming back was 13:42), 86°F at 4AM [Dow]
W – 5¾ miles, average pace 7:06 mpm, with 3x1Mile/400 recoveries, Miles in 6:13, 6:10, and 6:07, 87°F at 7PM and overcast [B’Wood Track]
Th – 4 miles, average pace 8:05 mpm, 87°F at 4AM [Dow-]
F - 9 miles, average pace 7:55 mpm, 87°F at 4PM there were clouds and thunder to the east, but nothing but sun to the west [SeaC/NTrail-2M/SeaC]
Sa – 7, average pace 7:59 mpm, sun and a few clouds 92°F at noon [SeaC/NTrail/SeaC]
Su – 10, average pace 8:00 mpm, I was able to keep it at 8mpm but I damaged my right ankle, 92°F at 2:30PM [SeaC/NTrail-2Mw1M/SeaC]

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s runs just before crossing a road near the two mile point, I got a twinge from my right ankle. Each time it only lasted a second and I was able to finish the run, but on Sunday’s run I got the twinge again at about the 9 mile point. This time it lasted longer and really got me worried. After I got home, my Achilles tendon felt tender. Monday morning, the front of my right ankle hurt. It felt better yesterday afternoon and I was looking forward to an easy run this morning, but my ankle hurt when I got of bed so I skipped today’s run.

This is so depressing. I’ve been trying to establish a good mileage base before starting the 18-week training plan for Houston 08. I was looking forward to one last shot at 2:50 before I get too old. uggh I desperately need to buy a new pair of shoes. I didn’t get up to Houston during the “sales tax holiday” over the weekend so I’ll have to mail order a pair. AAFES doesn’t have the DS Trainers right now, so I’ll probably try the Saucony Tangent. I don’t like to mail-order a shoe I haven’t worn before, but I really liked the old Saucony Swerve and I’m hoping these shoes are similar.

Here's some geek humor to lighten the mood. I heard this on a Houston computer geek radio show (KPFT Wednesday evenings).
Parody of Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Robert Lund over at
I Blog Alone

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GB said...

I love that, "I Blog Alone" spoof. Good stuff.

And the ankle issue, is it Extensor Tendonitis? I hope it feels better soon and that it's nothing too serious.

I also hope you get a shot at that 2:50. You can do it!!!