Monday, April 9, 2007

Last Week's Training: Winter Returns

49¾ miles for the week

M – sleep, 72°F at 5AM
Tu – 5¾ miles tempo run, average pace 6:45 minutes per mile (mpm) with the measured “Dow-Minus” two-miles in 12:57 and a 12:47, a sweaty 74°F at 5AM [S-B/Dow]
W AM – 4¾ miles, general aerobic, 7:46 mpm, 74°F at 5AM [Dow]
W PM – 6 miles, with 4 miles at MP, overall average 6:42 mpm (mile splits: 6:39, 6:35, 6:29, and 5:57 - that one was a little faster than MP) 62°F at 7PM [B’Wood HS]
Th – 5¼ miles, recovery run, pace 8:48 minutes per mile, 60°F at 5AM [Dow/Ol]
F - 4¾ miles, general aerobic, pace 7:30 minutes per mile, 57°F at 5AM [Dow]
Sa – 7¾ miles, general aerobic, pace 7:32, rain and a wintry 43°F at 4PM [SeaC/Ntrl-MBT/SeaC/Ol]
Su – 15½, average pace 7:05 mpm with the last 6 miles all in the mid 6s. Another wintry day, 52°F at 4PM. The rains left parts of the dirt trail with large puddles, so after one loop on the dirt trail I ran the remainder solely on the asphalt path. [SeaC/Ntrail-MBT-4x2M/SeaC]

Winter came back with a vengeance. The cooler temperatures from late Wednesday forced some pretty fast runs. I’m even a little sore from Sunday’s fast-finish fifteen miler. The training schedule changes this week with Wednesday evening's LP Run. Unfortunately, it's so supposed to be warm and humid again.

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GB said...

I wish for warm and humid! Looks like the weather is going to be very, very bad on Monday. I'll be luck to get in under 4 hours. My bib # is 15579. Thanks again Nuke for all your awesome advice!