Saturday, April 28, 2007

Freeport 5K

I ran the Freeport Flapjack 5K this morning. I was not real happy with my time but it was OK. The morning was a little bit warmer than predicted and it was warming up quickly as the sun rose. The temperature in Clute for 8 to 9 AM was over 73; not unbearable, but a little warm for a heavy person like me. I ran the first mile in 5:49, but the second was a 6:19. That pretty much killed the race for me. The second mile is more difficult with the Velasco Bridge, but it was still much slower than I wanted. I finished up a little over 19 for the 5K.

Brazosport Facts story

This course runs along the Old Brazos River for a little different scenery than your standard Houston race.

The race starts out toward the Navigation Bridge (luckily we didn't have to run that bridge)

The first shrimp boats along the course

Not many races where you nearly run under a boat

looking back toward the Navigation Bridge

Over the dike one more time

I love this old railroad swing bridge

The course goes under the railroad tracks after crossing outside the dike

The Velasco Bridge isn't very high, but it's steep

View looking from the Velasco Bridge

Edwin just before the last turn to the finish.

Orville, our 74 yo speedster

A few views of the Freeport downtown park

I did run fast enough to win some shrimp