Thursday, April 12, 2007

Full Disclosure: Maybe NOT a New 5K PR

Well, I was wondering how I managed to speed up in the third mile of the Bellaire Trolley Run to capture a 5K PR and my first sub-18 5K. It appears maybe I really didn't run that super third mile. The rumour is the course was 238 feet short of a 5k! It would have taken me about 16 seconds to run those 238 feet. That would have made the race look like:

Mile 1) 5:46
Mile 2) 5:56
Mile 3) 5:41 5:57
5K) 17:56 18:12

Aaargh! One second over my PR! No PR, no sub-18 5K!

Did I mention all of the hairpin turns on the new course? Yeh, that's it; all of those turns are worth another 238 feet. Or maybe I can claim it as a 4.9275K PR?

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Anonymous said...

Well you smoked me and I agree that the turns coupled with the wet roads were tough. A PR on that course and on that day would simply mean you were in much better shape than when you set the previous PR (or it was super soft). A dang good race if you ask me.