Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Hate Summer

I hate Summer....and Summer hasn't even started. I enjoy running, but running in this oppressive heat and humidity challenges any sense of enjoyment. Every run, no matter how slow or how early in the day, seems to be a struggle with heat exhaustion. I've only suffered dehydration and heat exhaustion (I landed in the hospital after a long run on a very warm and humid December day), and consider myself very fortunate to have avoided the heat stroke reported here. Very scary!

I have been able to manage some decent, albeit slow, mileage:
52.75 miles the week of June 7th to 13th
M: 7 at 8:24 mpm, 86*F at 1PM
Tu: 7 at 7:21 mpm, 85*F at 3PM
W: 6 at 7:46 mpm, 89*F at 3:30PM
Th: 7 at 8:23 mpm, 88*F at 3PM
F: 7 at 7:39 mpm, 87*F at 5PM
Sa: 7 3/4 at 8:40 mpm, 88*F at 10AM
Su: 11 at 8:31 mpm, 89*F at Noon with the dewpoint at 80
I worked nights all week, so most of the runs were at 3PM before going to work.

49.25 miles the week of May 31st to June 6th
M: 7 3/4 at 8:34 mpm, 86*F at 10AM
Tu: 4 3/4 at 6:57 mpm, 79*F at 4AM
W: 4 3/4 at 7:37 mpm, 81*F at 4AM
Th: 5 3/4 at 7:46 mpm, 71*F at 4AM with light rain after some heavier storms
F: 7 3/4 at 8:31 mpm, 84*F at 10AM
Sa: 7 1/2 with The Heights 5K race at 5:59 mpm, 77*F at 7:30AM up in Houston
Su: 11 at 8:24 mpm, 86*F at 9AM with the dewpoint in the fog-your-glasses upper 70s

48.5 miles the week of May 24th to May 30th
M: 4 3/4 at 8:53 mpm, 80*F at 4AM
Tu: 5 3/4 at 7:16 mpm, 79*F at 4AM
W: 5 1/2 at 6:46 mpm with the middle 3M a little quicker (6:39, 6:37, and 6:27), 85*F at 7PM
Th: 5 3/4 at 8:31 mpm, 74*F at 4AM
F: 9 at 7:18 mpm, 88*F at 10AM but the dewpoint was near 70
Sa: 7 3/4 at 8:30 mpm, 89*F at 11AM
Su: 10 at 8:27 mpm, 86*F at 11AM but the dewpoint was way up in the upper 70s

I'm now up to 14 days of running since I've run in temperatures less than 80*F.

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EZEthan said...

Meanwhile... I hate winter... every winter while I'm freezing my arse off I think to myself "I need to move south"... but I guess if moving south = 80+ degree temps at 4 in the morning I might want to rethink that! Brutal, just brutal!!!