Monday, June 7, 2010

Heights 5K

I ran The Heights 5K Saturday. It's a simple down and back on Heights Boulevard, 18th Street to 5th Street and back to 18th Street. The 13 blocks going down the street go fast, but the same 13 blocks coming back up the other side seem to take forever. I ended up with a 5:53 first mile, a 6:01 second mile, 6:09 third mile and the last bit in 33 seconds to average just under 6:00 per mile. Dale Lee passed me just after the turnaround (he's been a great competitor this past year) and Angrunner pulled me in to finish. It was warm and humid (Hobby Airport recorded 77°F with a 74°F dewpoint) so I was happy with my time.

Here's my nephew hitting a home run in a NCAA Regional Playoff game:

He's been hitting the ball hard lately.

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