Monday, February 8, 2010

Work Versus Running

This started out as good week, with a strong first try Tuesday Tempo run. I've noticed I run best during the Sring Series of short races when I get in the practice of hammering a fairly hard tempo run each Tuesday morning. So I put on my nice lightweight Saucony Fastwitch shoes early Tuesday morning and let it rip. I ended up with a 13:11 for the 2+ miles headed out and 12:53 coming back. Not bad for a first effort and only a couple of seconds off the fastest Tuesday Tempo from last Spring. The week was starting out good.
But on Wednesday afternoon, the power plant started shutting down one of the units. I was sent home a couple hours early and put on call to come back sometime during middle of the night. I missed the Wednesday evening track workout and spent most of Wednesday night trying to sleep but waiting for a phone call I never received. I missed Thursday's morning run and ran easy on Friday anticipating racing the Buffalo Wallow 6K Saturday morning. But Saturday morning I wasn't motivated enought to drive to Houston and then before I could run I was called back to spend all Saturday afternoon at the power plant.

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