Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 3: Cold Fronts Welcome Here

Attention all Cold Fronts: Please come on down to the Gulf and please feel welcome to stay as long as you want. We really want you to visit.

72¾ miles for the week (September 28th to October 4th)

M - 6¾ miles recovery run at 8:35 pace, 82°F at 4AM
Tu - 9½ miles general aerobic at 7:33 pace, the schedule had 4@LT included as part of this run, but I was worn out after just one LT mile, 74°F at 4AM
W AM - 8¾ miles general aerobic at 7:20 pace, 69°F at 4AM
W PM - 6 miles on the track, tried to run Tuesday’s 4@LT but I was dead after just 1½ miles, average pace 6:59, 80°F and very humid at 7PM
Th - 5¾ miles recovery run at 8:26 pace, 82°F at 4AM
F - 10½ miles general aerobic at 7:51 pace, 80°F at 4AM
Sa - 7½ miles recovery at 8:47 pace, 79°F at 11AM
Su - 18 miles LSD with emphasis on the ‘S’, average 8:40 pace, sunny and unbelievably humid 86 to 87°F from 2:30PM

Wednesday morning's cool weather only lasted a few hours and by Wednesday evening's run the dewpoint was back in the 70s. Friday morning's run was just before some severe thunderstorms came through and Friday ended up being a very pleasant day. But by the time Saturday came along, it was back to warm and humid. Sunday was just awful.


KG said...

You can have all of our cold weather up here in New England. Did you see clips of the Patriots game. It was snowing. Leaves and snowflakes falling simultaneously!

Nuke Runner said...

The Pats game was televised in Houston, I guess because Tennessee was wearing old Oilers' uniforms? The Titans sure played like the old Oilers.
I thought the snow looked pretty cool. After 80 degree dewpoints, I would not complain about an early Nor'Easter. But I guess conditions were pretty tough up at the Bay State Marathon.