Monday, October 22, 2007

Week 6 of 18

82¼ miles for the week
A very nice weekend after a wicked hot Wednesday. I had to cheat a little, but I was able to run a pretty strong 20+ miler on Sunday.

M – 6¼ miles recovery run, average pace 8:49 mpm, 83°F at 4AM [Dow/B-S/Ol]
M PM - missed
Tu – 10½ miles general aerobic, average pace 7:07 mpm, 74°F at 4AM [2xDow/B-S]
W AM - 7¾ miles general aerobic, average pace 7:29 mpm, 83°F at 4AM with the dewpoint in the high 70s, I had to cut this run short due to heat exhaustion and dehydration [S-B/Dow/2xB-S]
W PM – 7 miles general aerobic, crashed after five miles, average pace 7:26 mpm, 83°F at 7PM still very humid, this run was cut short due to heat exhaustion and dehydration too [B’Wood track]
Th – 7¼ miles recovery run, average pace 8:39 mpm, 83°F at 4AM, [S-B/Dow/B-S/Ol]
F - 13 miles medium long run, average pace 7:22 mpm, 84°F starting at 12:30PM, sunny [SeaC/NTrail-3x2M/SeaC] A beautiful day, full sun and a bright blue sky and dewpoint in the 40s. Amazing how much cooler 84°F in full sun can feel compared against 83°F in the dark when the dewpoint is 30°F lower!
Sa – 9 miles recovery run, average pace 8:36 mpm, 85°F at 1PM, another nice sunny day [SeaC/Ntrail-2M/SeaC]
Su – 21½ miles, average pace at 7:00 mpm, slowest 3-mile loop was 22:17 and fastest was 20:20. Houston Hobby Airport had 68°F to 80°F from 7AM to 9AM [7xMemPark Loop+] When I woke this morning it was 80°F outside (at 6AM). I checked the NWS and saw it was still in the 60s up in Houston. After Wednesday’s problems with the heat, I knew a long run in the 80s would be a death march, so I drove up to Houston’s Memorial Park. On my second loop, the Tornados came smoking by, so I turned around and ran in with them (hence the extra ½ mile). I think I’d be much faster if I ran up there more often.

A very strong cold front blew in this morning. In less than half an hour, the temperature went from the 80s to the 50s! I can’t wait for tomorrow morning’s tempo run.

The Strider’s half-marathon is this week, so I’m altering the schedule to make this a lower mileage week. We’re working a pump at the power plant, so I’m not sure whether I can run Sunday morning; after the $40 entry fee, I sure hope so.

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Wonderduck said...

Remember you can transfer your bib I think up until the day before the race for like $5.