Thursday, October 25, 2007

Migrating Monarchs at the Nuke Plant

I spent a few minutes in the nuke plant parking lot yesterday afternoon just marveling at the thousands of Monarch Butterflies. This little tree is in front of our Nuclear Support Center building.

What a difference a week makes! After having to cut two runs short last week because of heat exhaustion, this week has been just beautiful. The low this morning got all the way down to 49.8 degrees. The morning skies have been filled with stars and a full moon and the days are in the 70s with a cloudless blue sky. Nearly Nirvana! Yesterday's track run was 9 miles progressively faster. The splits were:
7:28, 7:06, 7:00, 6:56, 6:52, 6:47, 6:46, 6:42, and 6:27
I felt great.

The half marathon is really up in the air now. I didn't get my application in in time for the packet mailback, so I'm going to have to find some way to get to Houston on Friday or Saturday to pick up my race packet. But we're overhauling a large pump at the powerplant and I'll probably have to work all day Friday and Saturday. AND the pump test is now scheduled for Sunday morning! AAAARGH! Wouldn't you know Sunday's low is predicted to be in the 50s.

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Mir said...

That's a beautiful picture--I've always wanted to see the monarchs all together like that.

I'm glad you're having such a good week, and I hope that half marathon works out for you. Good luck!