Sunday, July 1, 2007

Into July

Days since last run less than 80°F: 26 (June 5th)
Days since last run less than 70°F: 65 (April 27th)

47¼ miles for the week of June 25 to July 1
M – 6 miles, average pace 8:04 mpm 81°F at 6:30PM with occasional light rain [SeaC/NTrail-/SeaC]
Tu – 4¾ miles, average pace 6:52 mpm (The measured “Dow-Minus” two-miles were 13:33 going out and coming back was 13:28.), 86°F at 4AM [Dow]
W – 5¾ miles, average pace 7:00 mpm, 3x1M/400rec on the track, 1M times were 6:06, 6:04, and 5:59, 87°F at 7PM [B’Wood HS]
Th – 4¾ miles, average pace 8:19 mpm, 84°F at 4AM [Dow]
F - 7½, average pace 7:33 mpm, Sunny and 90°F at 5:30PM [SeaC/NTrail-MBT/SeaC]
Sa – 7½, average pace 8:37 mpm, Sunny but with occasional rain, 89°F at 12:30PM [SeaC/NTrail-MBT/SeaC]
Su – 11, average pace 7:34 mpm, overcast after heavy rains in the morning, 80°F at 1PM [SeaC/NTrail-2x2M/SeaC]

Sunday's run was almost under 80°F after some heavy rains this morning. But it was really steamy with foggy glasses and soaked, squishy shoes.

This week's highlight is the local 4-miler on the 4th. This race is always hot, so my times have been pretty mediocre. The last couple of years were over 26 minutes and my best is only a 24:57 in 2003. My Tuesday morning tempo runs have been pretty good, so hopefully I'll make it under 25 minutes this year.

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GB said...

It's amazing that you run as fast as you do in that heat. I don't envy you in those conditions, but I wish I could run half that fast in the heat!