Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fast Runs in the Heat

I've been in a Monday off, Tuesday morning tempo run, Wednesday evening mile repeats and Thursday off schedule recently. This lets me be lazy and sleep in on three of four workdays, but it's not really what I need to do for Summer base building.

Last night was 3x1Mile/400recovery. The miles were 6:08.1, 6:06.8, and 5:57.7. I thought I ran the mile repeats pretty well until I looked in my log. Ouch. I wasn't anywhere near the times from March and May. The warmer temperature is my only excuse. It was 88 degrees last night with the dewpoint in the upper 70s and the June sun was still adding a little radiant heat.

It was 83°F at 4AM, for Tuesday's tempo run. I was able to run the full S-B/Dow course (one mile around my neighborhood and then two hard “Dow-Minus” miles, a little recovery during the ¾ miles to the Dow turnaround, and then two more hard miles on the “Dow-Minus” return). The measured “Dow-Minus” two-miles were 13:17 going out and coming back was 13:06. Total was a 26:23, not great but a new best ever “Dow-Minus” tempo run in June.

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Mir said...

I would say 88 degree heat is a pretty good excuse. :) Mile reps around 6 still sound darn good to me. It seems too early for it to be this hot, but I think I feel that way every year. Hang in there!