Friday, December 22, 2006

My First Post

I'm not sure why I'm doing this, but here I go. I'm training for the Houston Marathon on January 14th.

I'm in the middle of my last really hard week of training before Houston. This will be my first marathon since Boston '05. I seem to be in better shape than when I ran my marathon PR three years ago. I'm not sure on my goal yet, but it would be really nice to break that PR. If the weather isn't favourable at Houston, I'll probably use it as a training run and try my luck at New Orleans (now that Austin no longer has a fast course).

78 miles for the past week
This was another easy week after the 30K Race Last year I injured myself a week after the 30K, but everything feels good this year. Now that the 30K is over, I’m going to try and more closely follow the training schedule (Pete Pfitzinger's 18 week over 70 miles per week).

M AM – 5¾ miles Recovery Run 9:24 mpm (minutes per mile) taking it VERY easy after the 30K race, 65*F at 4AM
M PM – missed
Tu – 5¾ recovery 8:35 mpm 62*F at 4AM Another recovery day
W afternoon – 12 Medium Long Run 7:17 mpm Vacation Day, nice weather sunny and 71*F with dry air at 2PM
W evening – 7 8:05 mpm another easy run, 57*F at 7PM
Th - 5¼ recovery 8:31 mpm 58*F at 4AM
F – 13¼: first 1¼ fairly easy with the dog, then 12 MLR at 7:07 mpm overall average, 73*F at 1PM and humid again This was a pretty hard run considering the conditions.
Sa – 9 recovery 8:36 mpm 75*F at 11AM and humid
Su – 20 at 7:44 mpm average, 73*F from 3PM and humid (dewpoint near 70). I really had to push hard to finish this run with 6-7 miles below 7:30 mpm

I picked up my son at the airport this morning. He's on leave from the 101st Airborne in Fort Campbell Kentucky after spending last Christmas in Iraq. He was in a pretty good mood and talked more about his experiences in Iraq over the last year.

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Best wishes as you continue to get ready for Houston and thanks to your son for serving our country!