Monday, December 25, 2006

A Retirement Ceremony for My Shoes

Sunday was my last run for my old shoes. They are my eighth pair of DS Trainers, which I named DT8. They're an ugly orange and white version of ASICS DS Trainer XI, model TN610, size 13 for my freakishly large feet. These shoes had a short, but fulfilling career. Their first run was an easy 4 1/4 mile recovery run on October 23rd, but over the next two months they logged 706 miles. They're pictured above with my next pair of shoes, younger brothers of the same model. While the new DT9s will run the marathon, I won't forget the DT8s as they bore the brunt of the training.

The soles of right DT8 next to right DT9. I'm not sure why my right shoe wears more than my left.

Here's the left DT8 and DT9. The left shoe seems to wear more at the forefoot and toe-off area.

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