Saturday, March 27, 2010

Law Week 8K

I enjoyed seeing all of the Houston runners today at the Law Week 8K. This is the first Houston race I've run since the marathon in January. I've had sort of a 'blah' week. Every once in a while when there are retirements or vendors visit, we'll have tons of extra food at the power plant. This was one of those weeks. I think I gained 7 pounds by the end of Thursday. I felt a little 'sluggish' before the race this morning.

The mile splits seemed off; I ended up with:
5:37 - 11:24
7:02 - 18:26
6:15 - 24:42
6:05 - 30:47

I actually felt pretty good through the race, but I was passed by several people heading back towards downtown and I just didn't keep up with them. The final 8K time was 31 seconds slower than last year. It was also 17 seconds slower than the 80% age grading I've been chasing. I'll try and do better at the Bellaire Trolley 5K in a couple weeks.

It was a beautiful Spring morning. Hobby Airport had 58°F to 61°F with the dewpoint at 55°F to 56°F and nearly no wind. Here are a few pictures of some Azaleas where I parked near City Hall:

Lumbering in to the finish.

Picture from Kerry Lee.

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Bert said...

Nice pics of the azaleas! I saw the ones by the pond in the park but didn't have my camera. Sounds like you did pretty well even if a bit slower than last year. I think it was quite a bit warmer.