Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 13: Still Not Performing

82 miles for Week 13 (December 7th to December 13th)

On vacation all week
M - 9½ miles recovery run at 8:57 pace, 60°F raining with deep puddles at 5PM
Tu - 15 miles medium long run at 7:33 pace, 74°F windy and humid with deep puddles at 3PM
W - 10½ miles easy at 7:50 pace, 56°F at 11AM
Th - 11¾ miles with 4x1 mile hard, average 7:12 pace, miles in 6:18, 6:04, 5:57, and 6:01, 43°F and windy at 10AM
F - 8¼ miles easy at 7:54 pace in Glen Rose, my left knee bothered me on the hills, 46°F at 1PM
Sa - 7 miles recovery at 8:20 pace, 68°F at Noon
Su - 20 miles with a 30K race at an average 6:38 pace, 47°F from 7AM with fog and mist

The 30K time was a little better than the earlier races, but it's still not near where I want to be.

Here's a little copperhead I nearly ran over on Wednesday:

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