Monday, July 20, 2009


Days Since Last Run Below 80°F: 1 It was 78°F Sunday Morning!
Days Since Last Run Below 70°F: 61 (May 21, a pretty nice Spring this year)

47½ miles for the week of July 13th through 19th

M – 5½ miles, average pace 8:10 mpm, 85°F to 85°F from 8AM but dewpoint in the low 60s [Glen Rose 2xStadium-Paluxy Loop]
Tu - 5½ miles, average pace 6:59 mpm, 82°F from 7AM with the dewpoint in the low 60s [Glen Rose 2xStadium-Paluxy Loop]
W – 5¾ miles, 6x400/200, average pace 7:34 mpm, 400s in 83, 83, 81, 82, 81, and 79 (a little better than last week), 87°F at 7PM [B’Wood]
Th – 4 miles, average pace 8:51 mpm, 84°F at 4AM [Dow-]
F - 7½ miles, overall average pace 9:06, 86°F at 9AM [SeaC/SSTrail-MBTrail/SeaC]
Sa – 6¼ miles, with a 5K race at an average pace 6:17, 77°F at 7:53AM at Houston Clover Field [Lunar Rendezvous 5K]
Su – 13 miles, average pace of 7:40 mpm, cooler temperatures after some rains 78°F from before 8AM [SeaC/SSTrail-3x2M/SeaC]

This wasn't too bad a week for running, but Saturday's 5K race was very disappointing. I went to Glen Rose last Sunday and was able to run up there on Monday and Tuesday. The drier air up in Glen Rose was very nice. We received some much needed rain this weekend and it helped cool the temperatures down a little. Sunday's run was very enjoyable, even though I was still soaked in sweat.

I don't know what happened to me in the Lunar Rendezvous. I saw the first and second place runners in my age group pass me at the beginning of the third mile and then saw third place pass me by 0.1 second at the very end. I don't really care that much about the placing, but it just demonstrates how poorly I ran. I've gotten pretty sleazy about starting weekend runs late, and then crashing in the heat. After the race, LanceC raised a good point about getting up early for the important runs. We're already as heat acclimated as we're ever going to be. Running important training runs when it's hot just keeps you from accomplishing the purpose of that workout. I took that to heart and was able to get out early enough Sunday morning for a decent 13-miler. It's so much better to work the legs instead of fighting heat exhaustion.

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Lance Collins said...

Good job KR. We all pass on what we know, from the school of hard knocks. Glad you took it to heart.

Did you do Mosquito Chase this morning?